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A new vibrant & open political party


We are VAPP - A Party of Ordinary people doing Extraordinary things

The Veterans’ and People’s Party is a party for the people.


Ordinary people.


Ordinary people who do Extraordinary things, whether that’s serving their country in the Armed Force, policing our streets, providing care to the elderly and vulnerable or serving customers in our shops, restaurants, and pubs.


The Veterans’ and People’s Party is made up of ordinary people. None of us are career politicians. Our members work for the NHS, in health and safety, armed service veterans, trades, third sector and the private sector, to name just a few.


They join and campaign for us because they are tired of the old, broken, political system and want to make a real difference to the communities in which they live. The right and left of British politics is becoming ever more extreme, that’s why we take a centre-based view on everything we do.


We’re vibrant, open and transparent and exist to build and safeguard a free and open society in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community. We champion the freedom, dignity and wellbeing of individuals. We acknowledge and respect their right to freedom of conscience and their right to develop their talents to the full.


We respect the democratic mandate of the people of the United Kingdom, our sovereignty as a Nation, and the full authority of its people, in the governance and direction of the UK.


We believe Government should be open and transparent; democratic, rational, courageous, ethical, and take an internationalist approach.


We believe individuals should be free to act in a way that doesn't harm others; have a fundamental right to privacy, and be equal and free from discrimination.


We are VAPP – the party of the people.


Join us today.


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VAPP People - Jean Thomson Read More
VAPP People - Jean Thomson

Jean Thomson’s introduction to the Veterans’ and People’s Party came at a meeting in her hometown of Hartlepool where our first councillor, Lee Cartwright was one of the speakers.

VAPP People - Elver Alicarte Read More
VAPP People - Elver Alicarte

Not many people can say they have a legendary boxing champion as their friend, but Elver Alicarte certainly can. That boxer is Manny Pacquiao with whom Elver grew up with in his native Philippines

VAPP People -Graham Harrison Read More
VAPP People -Graham Harrison

Whether it’s looking after children with disabilities, singing to people at a club in Spain or hopefully, come 6th May representing the Veterans’ and People’s Party in his hometown of Hartlepool, Graham Harrison has always been very people focused

VAPP People - John Hays Read More
VAPP People - John Hays

As a party of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, we couldn’t have picked a better person to represent us in May’s local elections than John Hays.

VAPP People - Paul Tucker Read More
VAPP People - Paul Tucker

Having served in the army for over 23 years, Paul Tucker was a little disillusioned when he returned to his hometown of Hartlepool. Whilst adjusting to life on ‘Civvy Street’, he says it quickly became apparent how much the town he loves had changed, with young people hanging around the streets with ”nothing better to do than break things.”

VAPP People - Peter Cartwright Read More
VAPP People - Peter Cartwright

Community has always been something dear to Peter Cartwright’s heart. As a publican from 1993 to 2002, he ensured his pub was the hub of the community, even allowing parents to park in the pub car park because of traffic issues at a nearby school.

03 May 2021
VAPP People - Amanda Napper
Up until she became a member of VAPP and decided to stand for the party in the 2021 local elections in her hometown of Hartlepool, Amanda Napper had always been a floating voter
20 Dec 2020
VAPP People: Tony Poole
In our latest member profile, we speak to Tony Poole and discover why he compares the Veterans' and People's Party to his beloved Leeds United.
08 Aug 2020
Hartlepool VAPP
Regional Branch
07 Aug 2020
Petion - Enshrine the Military Covenant in U.K. Law
Enshrine the Military Covenant in U.K. Law