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The mandate for the election of a new Party Leader calls for the person to be elected within a 90 day timescale. Under such circumstances, as there are only two candidates, the NEC has decided to bring forward the dates for hustings, Q&A to both candidates, and the last day of voting, all within the EC remit.


Hustings are to be concluded by 14th September. Voting will commence on 15th with the closing date of the 22nd and the successful candidate announced on the 23rdSeptember by our Communication Manager who will be responsible for the count.

I advise Members to be courteous and respectful, with no personal jibes or comments on integrity, etc. Do ask factual questions to both and, if the question is unanswered or poorly so, then go back to get a response to your satisfaction.  Word questions carefully.


However, please do not be drawn into a personal slanging match with either candidate if opinions greatly differ as this could backfire onto the questioner and gives the other person the moral high ground.



A F Duignan

Party Secretary

Official announcement

It is with regret that we announce Robin Horsfall has resigned as party leader of VAPP due to health reasons.

The party would like to thank Robin for his service to the party.


Robin has been instrumental in promoting the party and increasing our membership tenfold, for which we will be foreve...

An Angry Mob and a Gravy Train

Our party leader Robin Horsfall talking about the prosecution of British Soldiers.


MPs defeat government over no-deal preparations

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MPs have decided it is not in the interest of the country to prepare for a no deal Brexit by backing measures designed to thwart preparations, by defeating the government in the House of Commons.


MPs have backed an amendment to the Finance Bill by 303 to 296 votes, which will limit spending...

Sleeping rough kills people. An inconvenient truth?

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Veterans’ and People’s Party Leader, Robin Horsfall, has spoken out against the Mayor of London’s decision to not open shelters for the homeless unless the temperature drops below zero degrees centigrade.


In a post on his social media page, Mr Horsfall began with the fact that it is not onl...

Give a voice to the quiet, the studious and the decent people of the UK

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The Leader of the centrist Veterans’ and People’s Party, Robin Horsfall, has hit back at the state of the UKs media and who they choose to promote on their front pages, and by doing so, who they ignore. 

Mr Horsfall began with:

“The majority of people in the United Kingdom are members of the ...

VAPP Leader Reminds Us of More Important Issues than Brexit.

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Robin Horsfall, Leader of the centrist Veterans’ and People’s Party, has issued his thoughts on the current government’s action in regards to Brexit and how we are being subdued into disinterest in the proceedings.


He began:


”I am now convinced that the British Government intends to dri...

Cure The Cause of Mental Illness Not Just Treat The Symptoms

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Paul Sweeny MP recently spoke out in Parliament about Veterans who commit suicide. The interest in Parliament was once again subdued, as it always is when veterans’ affairs are discussed. The general lack of interest shown by current Members of Parliament is typical of a government that doesn’t...

Centrist Party Already Exists

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Having recently read a brief article regarding a new centre left party being established to the political and business elite to stall Brexit we feel it necessary to inform the UK that a bona fide centrist party already exists in the form of the Veterans' and People's Party.

We represent the pe...

Centrist Party Leader Urges the UK to Question Everything

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Robin Horsfall, Leader of the Veterans and Peoples Party (VAPP), has this week urged the UK to question what they read online.


Mr Horsfall stated:

“A considerable percentage of what you read on social media is deliberate misinformation that is sourced by foreign governments. Falsehoods rep...