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2018, October

Mental Health 25/10/18

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Mental Health

NHS A&E departments to include 24/7 mental health staff

Funding to investigate alternative non-medicinal treatments for children

Funding for the development of PTSD

Prevention Programmes for MOD and Emergency Services Staff

A FULL review of Care in the Community


mental health


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Nationalised Police Force 23/10/18

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Nationalised Police Force

There are 43 Police Forces in England and Wales alone.

Reduce Bureaucratic legislation put upon front line officers

Adapt a much harder line with offenders who assault emergency workers while carrying out their duty



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Policing 21/10/18

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Reconnect the public with the police

Return the use of area and beat officers to the streets

Re-open selected local police stations

Give police the resource they need to do the job 




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Prisoners to be put to work,
No phones, TV’s or other luxuries,

A tough regimented system of both punishment and rehabilitation,

Prison to once again become a real deterrent


prison reform


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Foreign Aid - 17/10/18

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Our elderly are struggling and many UK residents rely on food banks;

There is a shortage of funding for Social Care, Emergency Services and other vital services; 

Domestic and National security needs are not being met.
Foreign Aid
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State Owned Housing 14/10/18

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A programme to build 500,000 houses. Prefabricated, environmentally friendly, homes built to last, using the latest energy technology.




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Vapp's response to Fracking 13/10/18

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VAPP would not support fracking until such time there is concrete independent evidence to support its safety.
To commit to fracking at this time could be detrimental to the environment in the event it is later proved to be unsafe.
No to Fracking
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Manifesto Release Q & A 12/10/18

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When our manifesto was released in September there were some questions raised by followers. We hope this blog addresses those questions. We will start to include a Q&A section in our newsletter so please drop us your questions


Why don’t we join with UKIP or even DVP?

As a centrist party we do not align with right nor left wing thinking. We are here to provide an alternative to the current dilemma faced by individuals across the country.

You are dividing the vote?

That is what democracy is about, it is not wrong to split a vote and in time our votes will be the majority and not the minority

What countries couldn’t we trade with previously?

We probably have worded this badly and we apologise for that. We are not able to trade independently with third world countries as we are bound under EU contracts, this will not be the case once we are removed from the EU and we will be able to seek our own trade agreements.

How do we intend to make our own people who don’t want to wor...

Prison Reform - 08/10/18

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Prison Reform


Vapp Consider it immoral for Profit to be made out of Prisons


Prisons should be a place of punishment for Prisoners, not Prison Staff


Prison Reform



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Education 07/10/18

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Reduce levels of bureaucracy and paperwork for teachers to spend more time on teaching.


Scrap the current tuition fees system and re-think bursaries and funding for students, particularly those from less affluent families.


Artisan subjects such as carpentry, pottery/ceramics, and metalwork to be taught and included in the school syllabus.


Please share our message as far and as wide as possible


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VAPP Education