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Lock Down

George Reid, Party Leader, 24 May 2020

Commonwealth Veterans

Yesterday our Party Leader, George Reid, shared a video around Commonwealth Veterans and how one is currently facing a significant NHS bill as he is not classed as 'British'.

We understand that the Under-Secretary of State in his role at the Office of Veterans' Affairs has contacted this specific veteran and, whilst we recognise the support extended by Johnny Mercer, we firmly believe changes should happen that protect ALL our Commonwealth Veterans that will see them receive automatic residency status on discharge in recognition of the service they have given in the British Armed Forces.

This is not an isolated incident, many Commonwealth Veterans are not considered to have residency unless they have applied and paid for it following discharge, many are unaware of how they do this or indeed the cost involved. There are some who are now facing deportation as they don't have this residency in place, despite the fact they have lived here for many years and have families.

We feel as a V...

Party leader checking in wanting your input

Party leader talks lockdown

Party leader talks about commonwealth veterans



We actually have Brexit!

Promise made promise kept, well done Boris!

Boris you also need to stick to your promise about the persecution of Armed Forces Veterans who served in Northern Ireland. These cases have been brought to appease terrorists who targeted those very same individuals on a daily basis, yet do not face the risk of persecution because they have protection. How can these men be brought before the courts? They have been previously found not guilty, yet the PSNI and DPP seem to be able to bring them back into court again! How is this without new evidence? How can they prove that SoldiersXYZ fired that shot when the weapon no longer exists or there are no forensics available? It is time that the British Government stood by their service personnel just like they have stood by their country! If there is irrefutable evidence that a crime has been committed then prosecute, but not to appease terrorists and their supporters!

Boris you need to sort out homelessness, ...

VAPP Leader George Reid talks candidates

I am so very pleased to see two excellent candidates standing in the upcoming General Election for the Veterans And People’s Party!


Mark and Dave are standing in targeted areas where we believe as a party that we have a good chance of making a difference.

The NEC, candidates team and members have been working tirelessly to get the right candidates out there spreading our name!

Over the past month our candidates team and NEC have put in so much time and effort to ensure that our candidates will hit the ground running!

Mark in Linlithgow & East Falkirk and Dave in Great Yarmouth have a real opportunity to make history and put the party on the map, to carry the torch for others to follow and light a beacon for the people to come to.

I am sure that you will all support both in the coming weeks and do everything that you can to spread the word and to also wish Dave and Mark all the very best for the future.