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Remembering D-Day June 6th 1944

D-Day landings


"And what a plan! This vast operation is undoubtedly the most complicated and 

difficult that has ever occurred." 


Winston Churchill 


The Veteran's and people's party commemorate this day in history when the largest seaborne invasion laid the foundations for victory in Europe.

We Should never forget those who sacrificed their lives as part of Operation Neptune, or those who came home.



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VAPP - Dambusters 75th Anniversary




Seventy-five years ago today, 133 men set out on a mission that was to become one of the most enduring moments of World War ll.


19 specially-adapted Lancaster bombers Of 617 Squadron flew from RAF Scampton and into the history books.



Operation Chastise, remembered today as the Dam Busters raid, struck dams along the Ruhr Valley, wreaking havoc on the production Of German weaponry and disrupting vital water supplies.



A unique bouncing bomb, developed by English engineer, Barnes Wallis, saw the Moehne and Edersee Dams breached, causing catastrophic flooding not only in the Rurh Valley but the Eder Valley.



Thank you to those brave men who set out on the mission and we remember their anniversary with pride.


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On behalf of the Board and members of VAPP, we ask that we all take a moment to remember the sacrifices made by so many people that have allowed us today to celebrate VE Day.


Whilst Victory in Europe was celebrated, it was a major landmark in WWII, many still fought within Burma, Singapore and Thailand and it was not until August after the dropping Of the atomic bombs did Japan surrender.


The peace and freedom which we in the West enjoy today was not won easily and must never be taken for granted. We all have so much to be thankful for.


VAPP thanks each and every person who battled to keep our freedom


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VAPP - Introduction to our new website and Giveaway


VAPP - Celebrating 100 Years of Women Having the Vote

It’s 100 years since women were granted the right to vote, and yet the battle for equality rages on. In 1918 The passing of Representation of the People Act added 8.5 million women to the electoral roll.

VAPP - Save HMS Albion, HMS Bulwalk and 3 Commando Brigade

The UK Veterans’ and People’s Party notes with great concern the discussions currently taking place in regards to the possible withdrawal of the nations two amphibious warfare ships HMS Albion and HMS Bulwalk, and the possible cutting or disbandment of 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines.