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Candidate Disclosure Agreement



In addition to signing the Candidates' and Elected Members' contract and code of conduct, and confirming that they are legally eligible to stand for election, the Party has identified the following specific circumstances which applicants for approval and elected office are required to disclose on application. If any of the following apply or may apply to you, you must contact the Candidate’s Office with full details. This will not necessarily affect your application for approval, however failure to disclose any relevant information will constitute prima facie grounds for removal from the list of Approved Candidates.


1. You have at any time been convicted of any offence by any court, whether civil or military, in the UK or elsewhere at any time. You should declare any caution, conviction or sentence regardless of whether it is considered spent under the terms of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (disclosure of a criminal record will not necessarily bar one from candidature within the Party, each application is taken on its own merit).


2. You have at any time, in the UK or elsewhere, been censured, disciplined or publicly criticised by any professional body to which you belong or belonged, or been dismissed on disciplinary grounds from any office or employment, or been refused entry to any profession or occupation.


3. You have at any time been adjudicated bankrupt by a court in the UK or elsewhere.


4. You have or have ever had any County Court judgements against you.


5. You have, in connection with the formation or management of any body corporate, been adjudged by a court in the UK or elsewhere, civilly or criminally liable for any fraud, misfeasance or other misconduct towards such a body, or any members thereof, or to persons with whom the body corporate had dealings.


6. Any organisation or corporate body with which you were associated as a trustee, director or principal shareholder, in the UK or elsewhere, which has been compulsorily wound up or made any compromise or arrangement with its’ creditors who did not receive or have not yet received full settlement of their claims, either whilst you were associated with it or within one year after you ceased to be associated with it.


7. There are any proceedings, whether criminal or civil, now pending or threatened against you, or any circumstances now subsist, which could give rise to any such proceedings following an affirmative answer to any of 1 to 6 above.


8. There are any aspects of your private or public life that may have a detrimental effect on your candidacy or your career if elected, or have the potential to bring you or the Party into disrepute.