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Candidates and Elected Members Contract



This is the text of the contract that you will sign should you wish to be considered as a candidate.


The Veterans’ and People’s Party reserves the right at any time to check on any experience, achievements, qualifications and skills claimed by you on your application form and on any information provided by you in support of your application.


By signing this contract you agree to the terms, conditions and rules of the Party in regard to candidature and serving as an elected member of and for the Party. Further you agree to be held fully accountable by the Party for the period that you are a candidate for public office and/or become and serve as an elected member of the Party and you will be providing us with your agreement for us to proceed with this course of action.


I declare that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, all particulars I have given as part of my application for approval as a Veterans’ and People’s Party Candidate or Elected Member are complete and true.


I declare that I will sign and keep fully up to date all Party and other personal and financial declarations as required for any office to which I may be elected.


I declare that I will abide by the Contract and Code of Conduct for Veterans’ and People’s Party Candidates and Elected Members.


I declare that I have read the Eligibility Criteria and Personal Disclosure information and that I have notified the Candidate’s Office of any and all relevant information as required.


I declare that I will in the future notify the Candidate’s Office of any change in my circumstances in relation to the Eligibility Criteria and Personal Disclosure information.


I declare that I know of no information, detail or fact that would preclude me from standing as a candidate or serving as an elected member of the Party for public office, the terms of which are outlined in these guidelines, the Party terms and conditions and rules of membership, for candidature or public elected office, and that I am not excluded or banned from being a member of the Party or from standing for or holding public office.


I declare that I understand the Party’s stated aims of being open and fully accountable to the British people, I agree with and am willing throughout my term of office as a candidate and, if successful as an elected member, of the Party to comply with this policy, in addition to the Party’s terms and conditions for candidates and elected members, the Party’s Constitution, Standing Orders and Rules, and any requirements of the office for which I may be elected.


I agree for any personal data I provide to the Candidate’s Office to be held in accordance with the Veterans’ and People’s Party data and privacy policy, a copy of which is available on the Veterans’ and People’s Party website.


I hereby confirm that the information given below, and on my application form for consideration for candidature, is a full, open and frank disclosure of areas of personal and financial interest, including membership of any society, corporate or professional body, be that public or private, charity, club, group or other organisation.


I declare that subject to any disclosure below or on my Candidate Application Form, that I am not a member of any illegal or secret society, group or of any organisation whose aims are not conducive to the benefit of the UK and the British people as a whole, or which may seek to have influence over me, or my role, if I was to become successfully elected to public office.