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Candidate Self Assessment


This questionnaire is designed to help you consider and decide on whether to apply to become a candidate for the Party in Local, Regional and National Elections. The questions are there to aid your decision making. If you are able to answer the questions positively, then please review the additional candidate information and submit your contact details via the Candidate Application page so that we may contact you to progress the matter. If you find that you have answered “No” to more than one question in any category, you may want to consider training and development in that area prior to applying for consideration.


You can find our Manifesto Positional Statement, Core Values Statement, other policies and discussions on our website and forum. Many people are nervous about things like public speaking but training can be of great benefit in building skills and confidence. The Party will be running training days at locations around the country where you can keep up to date with new techniques and advice. Being involved in your local constituency Party is also a great way to get some campaigning experience all year round. You can learn more about how policy is formed and keep up to date with new developments and policies, all through being a member of your local Party, attending local and regional training sessions and Party conferences.


Character and Interpersonal skills

• Would you describe yourself as a community oriented person?
• Are you or have you been involved in any local community events or organisations?
• Do you enjoy meeting and engaging with new people and communities?
• Do you make an effort to be friendly and approachable when meeting new people?
• Can you show that you are organised and able to plan ahead?
• Are you able to keep your head whilst all those around you are losing theirs?
• Would you describe yourself as a passionate individual?
• Are you concerned about any local, regional or national issues?
• Are you involved in or with any charities, be they local, national or international?
• Do you take the time to understand other people’s views and needs?
• Are you able to deal effectively with conflict and opposition?
• Are you able to respond calmly in stressful situations?
• Do you have experience of participating in any charity, environmental or political campaigning events?
• Do you have any experience of fundraising events or election campaigning?
• Are you comfortable in the company of a variety of different types of individuals?
• Do you have the ability to see how national issues can be linked with areas of local concern?
• Are you able to work to strict timescales and deadlines?
• Would you consider yourself to be flexible?
• Do you have time and room in your life for a busy, demanding role?
• Are you able and willing to be accountable to the Party and the public?
• Are you financially stable?
• Are you able to budget and manage finance effectively?


Communication skills

• Are you able to use different styles of communication and tailor them to different audiences and occasions?
• Do you enjoy talking to people from all strata of society?
• Do you enjoy talking to people and addressing their concerns?
• Do you look for opportunities to tell people about what you and the Party is doing or able to do for them?
• Are you IT literate and able to use computers and social media?
• Do you feel able to communicate appropriately with journalists?
• Do you have any experience of writing letters to local or national media?
• Do you have any experience of public speaking or debating?
• Are you aware of the dangers of social media?
• Do you have any experience of being interviewed for radio or tv?
• Are you able to think on your feet and respond quickly and appropriately to questions on topical matters?
• Do you have experience of making the most of media opportunities in order to maximise charity, campaigns, publicity or Party profiles?
• Are you willing to undertake training in communications with others?



• Do you have any experience of leading a group or groups of people?
• Are you able to inspire and motivate people to keep going, even when things are getting difficult?
• Are you able to listen to and take account of a diverse range of views and opinions?
• Are you able to work on your own initiative, as well as within a team?
• Are you able to make plans and implement them?
• Are you willing to gain experience of leading groups of people both in your professional and personal life?
• Are you willing to put the needs of others ahead of your own?
• Are you willing to look at long term solutions rather than work for short term gain?
• Are you willing to set an example to others in regards to your honesty, courage and integrity in both your public and private life?
• Are you willing, as an example to other politicians and the public, to be held fully accountable to the Party, the local electorate and the nation in regards to any service as a candidate or elected member?
• Are you willing, as part of the above, to sign a legal contract with the Party, electorate and the nation?
• Are you willing to undertake leadership training where it is identified as an opportunity?
• Are you willing to engage in consultation with the public in your local and regional area?
• Are you willing to publish your expenses and tax records in line with Party policy on openness and transparency?


Policy and Values

• Are you able to accept and work within Party policies and guidelines with regards to your own behaviour, conduct and accountability?
• Do you feel you are in broad agreement with current Party policies?
• Will you commit to seeking the best solutions to local, regional and national issues?
• Are you willing to work with the Party, its candidates and staff to seek long term solutions to the needs facing your constituents, region and the nation?
• Will you agree to seeking to reduce waste in local, regional and national Government?
• Will you seek to bring positivity to the UK, whereby the voice of the British Public is once again considered and heard by our politicians?
• Will you seek to be open and transparent and act with honesty, courage and integrity in both your public and private life, throughout your time as a candidate or elected member?
• Are you willing to support demands for full scale change within UK Politics and the Judicial and Criminal systems, including the establishment of Royal Commissions to look to bring about major improvements and social reform?
• Can you communicate VAPP policy clearly and persuasively?
• Can you demonstrate how VAPP values and beliefs affect the way you live your life?