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Centrist Party Already Exists

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Having recently read a brief article regarding a new centre left party being established to the political and business elite to stall Brexit we feel it necessary to inform the UK that a bona fide centrist party already exists in the form of the Veterans' and People's Party.

We represent the people of the UK. We intend to serve them, not ignore them. We are formed of the very people who are directly affected by the current governments out of touch ideas and policies that seem to only cement their own careers and futures. 

Since our manifesto release on 29th September 2018 we have seen several of our policy ideas presented by the main parties, for example:

  • The Chancellor announced the use of motor vehicle excise duty for maintaining roads (VAPP Manifesto page 101)
  • Chancellor to announce a £2bn real-terms increase in mental health funding on Monday as he unveils his first budget since Theresa May told the Conservative party conference that voters needed to know austerity was over. The commitment should lead to comprehensive mental health support being available in every large A&E department. It suggests that mental health, long seen as a neglected area within the NHS, will benefit disproportionately from the £20bn-a-year funding increase for health announced by the prime minister in June (VAPP Manifesto page 37)

Where were these ideas before our manifesto release? As our membership grows why are the mainstream parties suddenly proposing ideas that are simple common sense? 

Because they are vote winners. 

Given time the current government will create a series of excuses and fantastical reasons as to why the above proposals cant be implemented, but only after elections are over of course. 

On Brexit itself, we understand that as a party we will not be in any position anytime soon to have any effect on its outcome. But our stand on it is that any result from any referendum or election will be maintained. That said, with all the current delays and extensions we may be in power before its resolved. 

As our membership and funding grows you will see in the coming months that people will realise they can stand up to career politicians and the so called "elite" and that change can be made. Real change. Change made by people that live the policies for the people that live them. We will install professionals in each area of industry/transport/health that know how the area works. You want to fix an issue get someone who has worked the issue. 

For full details read the manifesto at Manifesto

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25/11/2018 09:20
Has the leader brought in the 5000 members as promised?