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Commonwealth Veterans

Yesterday our Party Leader, George Reid, shared a video around Commonwealth Veterans and how one is currently facing a significant NHS bill as he is not classed as 'British'.

We understand that the Under-Secretary of State in his role at the Office of Veterans' Affairs has contacted this specific veteran and, whilst we recognise the support extended by Johnny Mercer, we firmly believe changes should happen that protect ALL our Commonwealth Veterans that will see them receive automatic residency status on discharge in recognition of the service they have given in the British Armed Forces.

This is not an isolated incident, many Commonwealth Veterans are not considered to have residency unless they have applied and paid for it following discharge, many are unaware of how they do this or indeed the cost involved. There are some who are now facing deportation as they don't have this residency in place, despite the fact they have lived here for many years and have families.

We feel as a Veterans founded Party we must challenge these situations and our members can help us with this. Let us know if you know anyone impacted by this.

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