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George Reid VAPP Leader talks about our Candidate selection.

20 Nov 2019


I am so very pleased to see two excellent candidates standing in the upcoming General Election for the Veterans And People’s Party!




Mark and Dave are standing in targeted areas where we believe as a party that we have a good chance of making a difference.

The NEC, candidates team and members have been working tirelessly to get the right candidates out there spreading our name!

Over the past month our candidates team and NEC have put in so much time and effort to ensure that our candidates will hit the ground running!

Mark in Linlithgow & East Falkirk and Dave in Great Yarmouth have a real opportunity to make history and put the party on the map, to carry the torch for others to follow and light a beacon for the people to come to.

 I am sure that you will all support both in the coming weeks and do everything that you can to spread the word and to also wish Dave and Mark all the very best for the future.

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Lord Robert Rae Sutherland of Glencairn

Finally a party that not only comes from the schemes, but have opted to act for the people of the schemes.
I was born into a family who were dragged up supporting Labour as a working mans party. Now it transpires that Corbyn has in the past and does now support Irish Republican Parties as well as the more current issues forced upon us by ISIS and their supporters.
I want a party who will stand by my own non pidgeon hole beliefs.
I am both Loyalist and Royalist.  Will you fight for a Scottish Independence or will you remain part of what is seen to be a failing UK.
I believe the UK will eventually dissolve whether it’s Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland who makes the move first.
I believe that the breakup, will never prevent us from being British.
Where do you stand on Independence, this country opted to join the EU in 1972 because the government of that time had forced the country into a depression and had sold off all our metal industries like steel,coal etc.
Us leaving the EU will mean a return to another pending depression, one of which may not be recoverable.
Will your candidate Mark be standing in Torphichen, a small village out with Linlithgow ?

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