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MPs defeat government over no-deal preparations

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MPs have decided it is not in the interest of the country to prepare for a no deal Brexit by backing measures designed to thwart preparations, by defeating the government in the House of Commons.


MPs have backed an amendment to the Finance Bill by 303 to 296 votes, which will limit spending on no-deal preparations unless authorised by Parliament. As a party, we believe this to be a foolhardy decision especially as they do not seem to be able to agree on the Prime Minister’s deal for the nation to leave the EU.


The simple truth is that in 80 days we will leave the EU, this decision will make us, as a nation, less prepared for when we do leave the EU on March 29th.


We also take a very poor view of the government as they seem determined to have a disorderly exit from the EU, as well as leaving us less prepared for leaving the EU we will be in a less secure position. What MPs need to remember when voting like this is that should they be successful in agreements for our exit from the EU it will not alter the fact that legislation was passed specifying that the UK would leave on 29 March with or without a deal ... that is what people voted for.


There's a big problem facing MPs who would like to avoid a no-deal Brexit, they can't just show there is a majority in the Commons against a no deal Brexit, they will need to prove there is a majority in favour of an alternative outcome.


What we are likely to see as these last 80 days pass is what some people are calling "guerrilla warfare by amendment" in the Commons.


The idea behind all the parliamentary manoeuvring that is taking place at the moment is to demonstrate to the government that there is a clear majority in the Commons against the nation going to a no deal, however none of the jostling will prevent the Article 50 clock ticking away until it stops at the end of March.

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26/01/2019 09:40
It worries me that our leaders seem to be taking away the no deal option, leaving just poor deal or remain on the table. We NEED a no deal option to be available, it gives us leverage against the EU bullies who seem hell bent on punishing our nation for choosing to leave their club .
20/02/2019 14:06
The NO Deal option must be left on the table as the only option should the European Commission in Brussels continue to try and Black Mail the United Kingdom instead of accept our changes to the deal regarding the backstop in Northern Ireland.
14/03/2019 17:33
It seems that the country is being led by self-serving MP's that are only feathering their own nests. If ever this country needed another ROBIN HOOD it's NOW.