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Population Control, not Immigration Control


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Establish and maintain a Maximum Acceptable Population Level for the UK, maintaining a balance between Immigration and Emigration.


All potential immigrants are to have a working knowledge of both written and spoken English.


End Unskilled Immigration to allow the young and unemployed greater access to work.


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03/10/2018 19:03
22/04/2019 06:00
Should personnel that require an interpreter  pay for the service not there the police/nhs/ courts and they could not get Legalade  for there courts cases and why do they get more than s petitioner in benefits and aloud to send money home tho there families when not even living  in the UK
22/08/2020 22:28
You have a point with the skill in written and spoken English. That skill/ability helps protect residents from being taken advantage of by unscrupulous individuals & companies an unfortunate necessity.

Your population balance between immigration and emigration is a logical approach, with an ageing population (an issue found internationally within western world societies) this does have to be addressed logically. I do not agree with the current government proposal based upon earnings, it is divisive and just as open to abuse as the current system but with the added benefit of creating a divide within our own society, something I have witnessed whilst working in unskilled warehouses. If a skill and pay gap is created with low income citizens being placed bellow the low middle class migrated families this will creat social and cultural clashes. The “best people” should not be just the high educated and high earning but the best skilled people full stop, within the care industry many international employees work hard supporting our most vulnerable members of society, Fijians, Gurkhas, Jamaicans etc go through rigorous selection and serve our nation with distinction and pride, are their contributions not worthy after service? It would appear not so under this wage and academic excellence policy by the current government. I think the government need to look at how nations like Canada, Australia and New Zealand determine a skill set level from an applicant with industry related tests to ensure compliance to national standard. With a workers permit in place the character of the individual and/or family then can be accurately be assessed to their references and if found to be subversive/ disruptive then their renewals can be rejected or accepted based on facts.