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VAPP - Save HMS Albion, HMS Bulwalk and 3 Commando Brigade

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The Veterans’ and People’s Party notes with great concern the discussions currently taking place regarding the possible withdrawal of the Nation’s two amphibious warfare ships HMS Albion and HMS Bulwalk, and the possible cutting or disbandment of 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines.

We believe this proposal to be not only dangerous but also criminally neglectful of the UK’s defence services which have been cut to the bone by recent governments, regardless of the growing threats that are emerging around the world. Only this last week the Royal Navy was forced to send out a minesweeper to monitor Russian Naval movements in our waters, instead of a larger ship that would have undertaken this task in previous years.

With Russia on the offensive, North Korea and Iran belligerent, and the US President an unknown entity, we call upon the Prime Minister and Parliament to halt this dangerous move and to remember that the first duty of Government is to protect its citizens, not to put them at risk.

The Veterans’ and People’s Party believe that our Armed Forces need building up, not cutting when such crises around the world could see us needing an enhanced force. Given our leaving the European Union and its concept of a European ArmyWe reiterate our support for NATO, which has kept the peace for the last 73 years.


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