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VAPP & Care For The Elderly

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22/08/2020 22:43
My Partner works within the care industry, I myself have worked in personal care as well as provided care for a family member over a period of their illness. For a family carer it is difficult to find adequate support, there are charities that help but they are few and far between. From government you’re kind of let loose to do as you need with little guidance or support, this can make life for both family members very difficult.

A recognised universal care model for the care industry is definitely in dire need. On the initial the subject is simple but on further investigation the levels of care and types of patients or services users is as vast as the different departments found within a hospital. Pay within the industry is low and is classified as unskilled, even though within some areas the members of staff must supply medications, perform observations and counselling whilst dealing with service users who are prone to physical violence either to themselves or others and complete the necessary documentation liaising with social services and medical staff. Working at the supermarket on the checkout or within a warehouse picking items ordered is what I would classify as “unskilled” so a universally recognised system, like the Royal College of Nurses for example, would benefit the employees, companies and service users within the industry.