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VAPP People - Amanda Napper

03 May 2021

That means she has voted both Conservative and Labour at different times but was increasingly becoming disillusioned with the performance (or lack of!) of the two main parties at both a national and local level.

She says: “I have always been right of centre with conservative values and a belief in social morals and ethics.

“Having been brought up by my Dad (a steel worker) and my Mam (a nurse), I was taught to explore how political decisions directly affect lives and living standards for good or for bad. I understand only too well how the actions taken by a few can affect the lives of many, experiencing what it is like to go without, even with both parents working every hour possible.”

“VAPP is the only party that seems to understand this as well, so I was proud to become a member and enter politics for the first time by standing in their name.”

Amanda is married to Andrew and they have three children. She has a degree in civil engineering and over the last few years has been home schooling one of her daughters who has autism.

She adds: “The hardship years of the 70s and 80s made me frugal and resourceful, giving me a make-do, mend and recycle attitude, spending carefully with a sense of priority and value that has served me well to this day.

“I believe that prioritising spending on areas that will have the biggest impact on those within the community is key to helping us all live in nicer, safer communities, wherever we live.”

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