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VAPP People: Andy Macmillan

VAPP People: Andy Macmillan

The chances are that if you have seen a Tornado, Red Arrow, or the memorial Lancaster Bomber, then you will have seen Andy Macmillan’s work.  That’s because during his time serving in the RAF, as a Senior Aircraftman, he was a paint sprayer responsible for making these iconic planes look so spick and span.

And now, in Civvy Street, his responsibility stretches to 280 acres and 20,000-plus students in his role as Private Security Controller at East Anglia University.

Another example of an ordinary person doing extraordinary things, hence why he is a perfect fit for the Veterans’ and People’s Party.

Andy is one of our longest-serving members, having responded to an advert he saw about VAPP.  He says: “I had had enough of the political scene at the time and all the infighting among the larger parties and I was looking for something different.

“Being a veteran, VAPP appealed to me and it’s nice to be among like-minded people who all have day jobs and are just interested in making a difference.

I offered to help where I can and it snowballed from there, and now I can’t step away!”

After spending almost ten years in the RAF, Andy went into the private security business, which included working at the Olympic Games in London.

For the last five years he has been working at East Anglia University, overseeing the day-to-day security across the campus as well as the welfare of the students and staff.  He says the last few months have been particularly challenging.

Andy explains: “We had students returning to university and understandably wanting to embrace the social side of university life but with Covid-19 this was unfortunately not possible. But try telling thousands of 18-year-olds that!  There’s also a lot of pressure on young people, whether it’s because they are not used to living away from home or being put under stress due to their workloads, so it’s certainly not dull!”

When he’s not at work or supporting VAPP, Andy likes spending quality family time with his wife and daughter.

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