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VAPP People: George Reid

VAPP People: George Reid

George Reid has been in public service for most of his life.

It started when he was just 17 and enlisted in the Army, serving with the Grenadier Guards.

In defence of Queen and Country, George’s enlistment took him round the world, including several tours of Northern Ireland during The Troubles.

After 12 years in the Army, George left to join the Metropolitan Police.

“As an Essex boy born and bred, I was brought up supporting West Ham United, so I couldn’t believe it when one of my jobs was policing the games at Upton Park,” he jokes.

From the police, he went back to Ireland to work on ‘civvy street’, this time as coach for the Irish Rugby Football Union.

Here he was able to combine his love for rugby with teaching younger players the game, something he still does today, coaching his son’s team and the Lincoln women’s rugby team.

After a decade in Ireland, George returned to England to be a lecturer, where he taught a uniformed public services course which gets young people ready for a career in public service.

And, in 2020, George became a Local Security Management Specialist working for the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust. Here he is responsible for advising the trust on security, including investigating allegations of assault against NHS staff and conflict resolution.

It is through this public service, and a lifelong interest in politics, that led George to the Veterans’ and People’s Party.

He explains: “I have always been political but never thought about serving until I came across the Veterans’ and People’s Party.

“As Chairman of my local British Legion branch, veterans’ issues have always been important to me and so when I heard Veterans’ and People’s Party championing veterans’ rights, but also the rights of others in public service, it really resonated with me.

“There’s too much extremism on the right and left of British politics, whereas the centrist stance of the Veterans’ and People’s Party complement my own.”

George, who lives in Lincolnshire with his partner Corrina and has three children and one grandchild, became the leader of VAPP in September 2019.

It’s not something he admits to ever having aspired to, but “I put my hat in the ring” and the rest, as they say is history.

George adds: “I am a very passionate person who shoots from the hip, and can be impatient, but I like to believe everything I do is transparent, done with the best intentions and with the right moral fibre and I am never ashamed to admit I can be wrong.

“I like working with people and utilising their skills and within the Veterans’ and People’s Party there is a real sense of community and no agendas or egos, which is one of the many things I enjoy about being in the Party.”

George is keen to stress the differences between the Veterans and People’s Party compared to other parties.

He explains: “The people who represent the Veterans and People’s Party are representing their communities. It’s not about the Party but the people we serve.

“So, that’s why we didn’t call for a second referendum on Brexit, because we respected the result and those who had taken that decision.

“That is what the Veterans’ and People’s Party is all about, respecting the wishes of the people, the ordinary people in our communities who work hard every day to make a difference in whatever they do.”

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