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VAPP People -Graham Harrison

VAPP People -Graham Harrison

If elected, one of his key priorities will be to tidy up the area and ward he has lived in for over 20 years.

He says: “My aim will be to get pavements and roads repaired and made safe, to have waste bins and dog waste bins installed in the area and to make sure bins are emptied regularly. 

I will be looking at the other issues that need dealing with such as anti-social behaviour and traffic and generally striving to making our area a much safer and happier place for us all to live.”

Graham has fought elections for other small parties in the past, but he was drawn to VAPP through Tony Richardson, one of our two current elected councillors in Hartlepool.

He says: “I trust Tony and he sold the party to me and now I am hoping I can join him as an elected councillor.”

Graham, 48, started his career working in a residential home for disabled children but left the profession after “bureaucracy became more important than helping the kids.”

With a talent for singing, he then became an entertainer, working abroad in Spain and here in the UK.

He says: “Everything I have done has always been customer facing, so being a councillor would be no different.”

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