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VAPP People - Jean Thomson

VAPP People - Jean Thomson

Jean Thomson’s introduction to the Veterans’ and People’s Party came at a meeting in her hometown of Hartlepool where our first councillor, Lee Cartwright was one of the speakers.

It made an impact on her because she is now a member of the party and standing in the local elections in Hartlepool on 6th May.

Jean recalls: “I attended a residents’ meeting to do with land that had been earmarked for being sold and developed and for which we were trying to stop.

“Lee spoke at the meeting and I remember how well he talked and how polite he was, so when I was approached to be a prospective councillor for VAPP, I knew they were right for me.”

Jean, who is married to Ronald and has two children and three grandchildren, has lived in Hartlepool all her life and is seeking to make a difference as a councillor.

She has done voluntary work in various charity shops and in a wide range of voluntary roles. Her most recent voluntary role was Hartlepool Action Lab; this is a collaborative movement to solve poverty in Hartlepool and is supported by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

She also has a passion for helping people with mental health problems.

She adds: “The past year has been difficult for everybody regarding the pandemic; but especially those struggling with their mental health.

“My aim, whether I am elected or in my voluntary roles, is to provide a listening ear and support if needed.”

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