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VAPP People - John Hays

VAPP People - John Hays

John has been active in his community for many years and has a real passion for allotments.

He explains: “I believe that this helps our residents with a road to mental ill health recovery and an outlet for people’s wellbeing.

“I have been fighting tirelessly for the security of allotments and across the Burn Valley Ward of Hartlepool whom I hope to represent from 6th May.”

John chose the Veterans’ and People’s Party because he likes the fact our party is made up of ordinary people like himself.

He says: “I have attended many council committee meetings over the years attempting to voice residents’ concerns but feel that I can do this better as an elected member and with the support of the people from our ward.

“If people vote for me, they will get a local, honest, and hard-working councillor, one that isn’t afraid to deal with difficult issues, a councillor who will listen and act upon the views and wishes of the residents.

“I understand that I have never been a ‘politician’ and that I am just an ordinary person, but sometimes it takes ordinary people to get extraordinary things done.  I would like to see fair and open treatment of residents and for people’s voices to be, not just heard, but listened to.”

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