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VAPP People: Mark Tunnicliff

VAPP People: Mark Tunnicliff

Mark Tunnicliff believes in truth.

It’s something which has served him well in his career and one of the many reasons why he was drawn to the Veterans’ and People’s Party.

But before we look at why Mark joined our Party, let’s find out more about him first.

Born and bred in Yorkshire, Mark grew up on a council estate, brought up by a single mum and with two siblings.

School, he admits, was not his forte and he was itching to work from an early age.

So, after a spell as a self-employed roofer, Mark joined the Army, serving with the Royal Logistics Corps. This saw him doing two tours of Iraq and one in Afghanistan, and also included a secondment to the United Nations where he was an Adventure Training Instructor based in Cyprus.

After leaving the Army seven years ago, Mark did several jobs, including working for a care company, before setting up his own company, which specialises in procurement for the public and private sector.

Now living in Scotland with his wife Yvonne and daughter Lexi, Mark says he was interested in politics from an early age but could never pin himself to one of the mainstream parties. He flirted with UKIP for a while but found himself disagreeing with many of their policies and one day his attention was drawn to a new party known as the Veterans’ and People’s Party.

He takes up the story: “The first thing I noticed was they had the word ‘truth’ at the top of their logo, and that immediately resonated with me.

“I then read the manifesto from top to bottom and liked what I saw, so I joined just over two years ago.”

Mark was one of our first two candidates ever to stand in a General Election, fighting for the seat in the Linlithgow and East Falkirk constituency where he lives. He gained 1% of the vote and suspects it could have been more but for mysterious circumstances.

He explains: “I leafleted the whole constituency, but later found out that a lot of people never received them, and Royal Mail could never explain why.

“It was frustrating because I went to all the husting events before the election and the Conservative candidate went to none, and he still ended up in second place.

“But I think that’s why we need to change things. It shouldn’t be about voting for the Party, but the person who is representing you.”

Truth, as we have established, means a lot to Mark.

He adds: “I believe in being open, transparent and honest and it pains me that so many political decisions are being made behind closed doors at the moment. Unless State secrets or security are in jeopardy, then there’s nothing that we shouldn’t know about. That’s democracy!”

Mark is hoping to represent VAPP in next year’s local elections in Scotland.

He says: “Men and women have fought and died for the right to vote, so hopefully more people will exercise their right and move away from the mainstream by supporting a party like VAPP. A party of people. A party of truth.”

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