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VAPP People - Paul Tucker

VAPP People - Paul Tucker

Having served in the army for over 23 years, Paul Tucker was a little disillusioned when he returned to his hometown of Hartlepool.

Whilst adjusting to life on ‘Civvy Street’, he says it quickly became apparent how much the town he loves had changed, with young people hanging around the streets with ”nothing better to do than break things.”

Living with his partner and their young son, he was determined to try to make a difference, and this led him to the doors of the Veterans’ and People’s Party.

Now, in May he will stand for VAPP in his own ward on a pledge to improve opportunities for young people.

He says: “I joined the army after I left school and served in the Royal Logistics Corps and the Royal Army Physical Training Corps and served a total of 23 years in the Armed Forces.

“I then returned home to Hartlepool, the town I love and whilst adjusting to civilian life I noticed how much had changed for the worse.

“I found out about VAPP through one of my neighbours and liked the fact it was a party with many veterans as members and it felt like a party I could trust.

“My time in the Army has shown me exercise improves wellbeing and can be used to improve mental ill health too, so if I am elected, I would like to see more activities for young people.

“Instead of building more houses we should build more youth facilities, like basketball and football courts and more play areas with swings and apparatus like pull up bars.

“This would hopefully get young people off street corners which would benefit not just them but the whole community.

“At the end of the day I just want to get our community spirt back to how we all remember it.”

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