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VAPP People - Scott Standing

VAPP People - Scott Standing

Scott, 33, is hoping to represent the Seaton ward which he has lived in with his partner and their two children since 2015. He has also played rugby for Seaton since he was 16 so his affinity with the seaside resort runs deep.

Scott left school at 16 to become a Commando. As a Marine he had many roles, one of which was being part of a training team that taught other military forces Commando skills.

After leaving the Marines, he became a Project Manager for a security company in Iraq, where he was responsible for training and “leading” ex pats and Iraqi nationals on a multi-million-dollar contract.

Eventually, he wanted to return home and got into the engineering industry as an inspector, running his own business. This also enabled him to see what was happening to the community in Seaton.

Scott says he has always kept an open mind when it comes to politics and when he discovered more about VAPP, he thought this was a party which shared his own approach and beliefs.

He explains: “I have always been level-headed, kept an open-mind, and never had an agenda in life.

“VAPP appealed to me because of its centrist approach but also because it’s much more relaxed than the main political parties and you are not bound by such strict guidelines.

“That suits me because it means I can continue being myself and, if elected, I will be able to focus on Seaton which is my main reason for standing as a councillor.

“As we come out of lockdown, and enter the peak season, I believe it is important we look after local facilities and amenities. Although we encourage people to visit Seaton Carew for its qualities, we must also ensure people respect the area.

“My focus is to listen to the people, make myself as available as possible to get people’s thoughts and concerns together and address them with a firm integral approach.

“I will so this without having my own political agenda and just being voice of the people of Seaton Ward.”

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