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VAPP People - Terry Hughes

VAPP People - Terry Hughes

Being a former nightclub doorman, he can spot wrongdoing from a mile off, so he uses his experience to alert the police and residents on the local community Facebook page.

We were therefore delighted when he chose to stand for the Veterans’ and People’s Party in the local elections in May.

Terry, who now runs a car valeting business, says: “I am passionate about the crime in my community, and I have been working over the past three years personally walking the streets of the ward and keeping as many people as I can abreast of the main issues.

“People deserve to feel safe in their own home and I will do everything I can to deliver that if I am elected.”

Terry says he became aware of VAPP through our elected councillor Lee Cartwright who represents the Foggy Furze ward where he lives.

He says: I have been very impressed with what Lee has achieved and how he hasn’t let criticism from the bigger parties get in the way of the great job he is doing in my ward.

“VAPP appeals to me because they are straight down the line and let their councillors get on with the job and not bogged down in internal politics.

“So, hopefully, come 6th May I will be able to join Lee on our quest to make our ward an even nice and safer place in which to live.”

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